Katy Trost – CEO Coach


I work with tech CEOs and founders at Series B and beyond. They partner with me to become more effective leaders and implement a system that creates consistency in their scaling organizations.

The CEO is the most important and, in many ways, the most demanding role in a company. Despite the rewards and recognition, it can be incredibly lonely, frustrating, and stressful. Understanding the responsibilities and challenges that come with serving a company and its people, my mission is to support CEOs and founders at series B and beyond.

Each leader and company is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Coaching partnerships are customized on a 1on1 basis with the CEO and can be extended to the executive team. My clients typically have raised series B-D or generate 5M-100M annual revenue and achieve over 100% YoY growth. They employ ~100-500 staff, have built out their executive team, and face growing pains while scaling people and operations.