Maddy Nadin – Managing Partner, M&A at Cactus


I’m a positive, solutions-focused person, who is committed to personal growth in all aspects of my life.
I’m married to a lawyer, which always makes for interesting conversations as he tends to follow the rules and I spend my time working with entrepreneurs who often break them. We have two children aged 9 and 11, and we are passionate about creating a balance where we can both have fulfilled jobs and have quality time with our children too.

I’m a hardworking, a natural connector and someone who loves helping founders and CEOs grow.
Over the past decade, I’ve specialised in building membership communities for founders and CEOs to come together in different formats to learn, collaborate and support one another.

The main businesses I’ve helped are The Supper Club (for entrepreneurs of business £1m+), Young Presidents Organisation (£15m+), and Unlimited International (£20m+). These roles have allowed me to be part of hundreds of conversations and learning events about their biggest challenges, and how they’ve overcome them professionally.

This rich knowledge and understanding across all sectors and stages of growth has allowed me to help many leaders on a 1:1 basis.