3 Steps for Marketers to Drive Re-Engagement With Their Webinar Videos

indiana jones bringing a gun to a sword fight

By Kevin Clark, Head of Growth, Snackable AI

Ever see a short video clip from a great movie that inspires you to go back and watch that movie again? It happened for me with Raiders of the Lost Ark recently. I was on Youtube and saw that scene where the evil sword-wielding guy – a Nazi agent – starts expertly spinning his sword to show Indiana Jones how he’s about to slice him up in horrible ways. But then Indy just shoots him and the movie audience goes wild. Great moment! And it was that sword-spinner clip on Youtube – a perfect little piece of short-form video content – that got me to watch the movie for the 10th time.

Your webinar might not be Raiders of the Lost Ark. Steven Spielberg has probably done webinars that aren’t Raiders of the Lost Ark! But adjust to a corporate brand-mindset and you realize that it’s still great content and that there are great little moments within that webinar that can draw your audiences back to it continually.

It’s not easy. First off, if you’re a marketer for a business that produces a lot of webinars (or panel discussions, podcasts, speeches and the like), that volume of long-form video is a lot to sift through. Then you actually have to find the “sword-spinning” moments – maybe the most quotable thing your CEO ever said or a new stat that changes the way people think about an issue. Then, once you find them, you have to put those insights in front of your audiences in a compelling way, in the places they’re paying attention, be that Youtube, Brightcove, Facebook or others.

With that, here are three simple steps you can take to tackle all of the above and get your customers, prospects and others re-engaging with your long-form video content like webinars.

1. Create Structure to Navigate Video Easier

You may be a really cool content marketer but chances are, not so cool that you have Spielberg’s team of editors helping you sift through all of your long-form, corporate video. On the other hand, there’s really cool AI that can. Auto transcription of long recordings is everywhere these days; auto-generated chapters are the next step in providing some real structure.

Imagine being asked by your VP of marketing to mine through six hours of webinars over the past month. Let’s put it this way: a one-hour recording equals 20 pages of text. Instantly cut up into chapters, that long video now comes with a map.

That map is just as valuable to the viewer. Indexed in search, chapters (and transcripts) lead people to your video. And once they get there, viewers can get right to the parts that matter to them.

2. Let AI Highlight the Most Engaging Snippets

Ever find yourself watching your company webinar and someone makes a point so concisely and elegantly that you know it’ll be perfect social media fodder? And you try to scribble it down but you don’t get every word right? Or you try to mark the time but the timecode changes later? Capturing the sword-spinning moment is a content marketer’s dream and you neither want to lose it, nor spend a lot of extra time finding it again.

Here’s where advanced AI can really blow the mind. When artificial intelligence starts accurately highlighting what you would’ve highlighted yourself, you’ve got a friend as loyal and helpful as Sallah.

3. Share in Well-Designed Short Videos

If Spielberg’s editing team had a way of turning that sword-spinning scene into a perfect little promotional asset while they were editing and sending it directly to social media in 1981, would they have done it? They would have if there were social media in 1981.

The point is that a lot of content marketers today are going it alone or working with small teams but expected to create great short video assets (like audiograms) quickly and put them in front of the right audiences on Youtube, Facebook, Brightcove and other channels.

Believe it or not, the tech exists to facilitate that too. It’s as if you took an event marketer, an editor, a designer and a social media guru and combined them all into one person.

A great little clip from Raiders got me back to that movie. The same thing was always possible for your webinar video — only now, there’s a roadmap and great technology, to help you.

This article, in its original form, was previously published on Snackable AI.