Advertising Week Africa Partners with Inverroche for the Future is Female Awards


A message from our partners at Inverroche

To share in the brand’s pioneering spirit and brand purpose, Inverroche partners with Advertising Week Africa’s Future is Female Awards to celebrate acts of courage and determination of all our women. The Awards focuses on African female pioneers whose stories are shaping the narrative by contributing to global emancipation, breaking barriers and inspiring the next generation of future leaders from the continent through their journey of success!

Inverroche believes that it is important when women journey forward to intentionally create spaces that continue to inspire and empower others with the necessary tools to show up in the world with purpose and impact. Inverroche is proud to be the first African brand to partner with Advertising Week and their Future is Female Awards launch in Johannesburg to amplify the global African influence this 15 February.

This partnership aims to celebrate and honour a new generation of women leaders who are shaping the success story of our African continent.



As the pioneers of South African craft gin, Inverroche Distillery was founded by Lorna Scott and her family in the southern Cape coastal village of Still Bay, at the tip of the African continent, where it has gone from a small home industry to the largest handcrafted luxury gin brand in just 10 short years. The portfolio includes a core range of three award-winning variants of gin, three limited editions, two rums and three liqueurs and is already available in 30 countries on 4 continents.

What differentiates the brand is its use of rare, indigenous flora known as “fynbos” from the Western Cape, which grows nowhere else on the planet. “Fynbos” has long been used by indigenous people for medicinal and culinary purposes but is now under threat due to agricultural development and invasive alien plants. Lorna felt that one way of preserving this unique biome would be to find a sustainable, commercial use for it and to create a global brand which would tell the story of these historically significant plants which contributed to the survival and emergence of modern humans.

Gin is, at its core, a social creation. It is our belief that the creation of the gins themselves should have a social impact beyond the simple enjoyment of our products, and to create opportunity. It is this belief that has kept Inverroche heavily involved and linked to the community – as the brand prospers, so should the people of Still Bay, where Inverroche is proud to employ just under 70% indigenous women from the local area that subsequently means at least 45 families are directly sharing in Inverroche’s success! Invested in its community, while producing world class gins and spirits, Inverroche has grown to a flourishing and pioneering craft distillery.