Franklin the Dog

Team: Philadelphia 76ers

Debut Year: February 10, 2015

Signature Move: Being a fan’s best friend

Franklin the Dog Trivia

  • Franklin the Dog is the official mascot for the Philadelphia 76ers, or Sixers.
  • Franklin is a blue dog with a tail that measures at five doggie treats long, or 1’3”. He stands tall at 5’10”, or 6’with his ears up.
  • He is one of the NBA’s most entertaining mascots. He brings joy to kids and fans alike with his dancing, dunking, high-fiving, pranking, silly-stringing, and reading on and off the basketball court.
  • The Philadelphia Sixers had two previous mascots before Franklin. They include Big Shot, a blue monster with sunglasses who was active throughout the 1980s, and a rabbit named Hip Hop who entertained fans during halftime and time-outs. Franklin replaced Hip Hop.

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