Team: Memphis Grizzlies

Debut Year: 1995

Signature Move: Dramatic dunks

Grizz Trivia

  • Grizz was originally born in Vancouver, Canada in 1995 when the team was originally established as the Vancouver Grizzlies. They moved to Memphis after the end of the 2000-01 season and became the Memphis Grizzlies with Grizz staying on as their official mascot.
  • Grizz is a furry blue bear known for his ability to get Grizz Nation audiences cheering with his incredible dunks and signature shenanigans on the court.
  • Grizz has a popular alter ego known as “Super Grizz.” Super Grizz was reintroduced to celebrate the Grizzlies’ historic 10th season in Memphis. He wore a mask and a cape and encouraged fans to believe with the Memphis Grizzlies earning their first postseason berth since 2006.
  • He’s active in the Memphis community, making appearances at local schools for various community initiatives and visiting St. Jude to support and encourage children as they battle cancer. Eric McMahon, the actor who plays Grizz, was able to defeat cancer after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2008.
  • Grizz was named 2011 NBA Mascot of the Year as voted by his peers.

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