Out of Home’s Resilience Prompts NYC to Recognize the Importance of OOH and Digital Signage

digital billboards in city

New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has proclaimed the week starting October 11 as New York Digital Signage Week. The week of events includes the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit (October 12) that looks at the growing role of out of home (OOH) and digital out of home (DOOH) in today’s omnichannel strategies. While it’s true that out of home was impacted more than other ad mediums over the past 18 months, the sector has rallied back steadily.

The large holding companies have out of home finishing 2021 with double digit ad revenue increases. Out of Home advertising’s comeback is based on the industry resilience, reinvention, and revitalization. Stewarded by the DPAA, the global sector was able to connect and share experiences and best practices during the pandemic period. The digitization of the OOH increased during the last 18 months as has its use of programmatic trading. Indeed, programmatic enabled brands to pause and push schedules, the use of mobile and location data helped to get ads on out of home screens where ideal audiences were. According to a survey by market research firm Advertiser Perceptions, 76% of agencies are aware or currently buying DOOH programmatically. And 22% of brands will now be using Digital Out of Home (DOOH) for the first time!

Major players reinvented their processes and, in some cases, reimagined their total business models. A number of media owners struck representation deals and began bundling hug number of available impressions. And the move to digital is more than just screens, but data, processes, use of location data for new targeting capabilities, use of first party data, etc. All of this has led to a revitalization of the industry and has placed it on an unstoppable trajectory for the coming year.

This story of Resilience, Reinvention, and Revitalization will be celebrated at the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit on October 12 at Chelsea Piers, just one week before Advertising Week, a few blocks away at Hudson Yards. The DPAA Summit will not only spotlight how the out of home industry has been agile and resilient but will feature lessons learned by major brands during this time. American Express, Walgreens, Unilever, Burger King, Clorox, Vice Media, MilkPEP, L’Oreal, will share how marketing has changed for them in recent years and will specifically address the pandemic.

And as people are coming back outside, going to movies, ball games, schools, Broadway and more, DOOH is in the spotlight more than ever. Out in the sunlight its difficult offer up ‘fake news,’ and unsafe brand environments. And now with the depreciation of third-party cookies, brands are focusing more than ever on the foundational core aspects of context, environment, and authenticity – hallmarks of OOH.

There’s lots to share at the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit from brands and the OOH industry on October 12. Join us in person or for our global online broadcast on October 14 and 15 by signing up at www.videoeverywheresummit.com.