Top Industry Leaders Share Their Thoughts on the Future of Search

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By Dave Tan

Search is evolving. The way people ask questions and explore the world around them is evolving too. At Search On, we shared how Google is going beyond the traditional search box to help users find information in more natural and intuitive ways. Drawing on our understanding of how people search, we’re making information more accessible — whether that’s by helping people use both text and images to find an answer or by allowing them to browse over 35 billion products across Google’s Shopping Graph.1

These latest advances in Search — and the constant shifts in consumer behavior — will undoubtedly reshape how businesses reach and engage with their customers. To learn more, we invited a few of our agency and partner leaders to share their thoughts on the future of Search.

Search is becoming more natural and intuitive

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The new Search announcements point to a future where technology starts emulating the way people process information. I’m excited to see technology catch up to human behaviors. With the introduction of multisearch, visual Search is taking a big leap forward and Google is going beyond the search box by getting us much closer to understanding what drives search behaviors and ultimately deliver better experiences.

For marketers, this means not just showing up for specific keywords but having the rich and visual content that matches what the person is looking for, no matter how they express their needs.

Google is becoming a destination for product inspiration and discovery

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The way people explore information today isn’t linear, and Google Search is leading the industry by building new exploration experiences that are natural, intuitive, and fun by providing relevant search results in a variety of engaging formats.

For instance, the innovations in shopping announced at Search On are brilliant. I love the more personalized experience and ease with which people can browse relevant items to find the best deal. These changes will make Google Search a destination for purchase inspiration and product discovery.

Marketers have a tremendous opportunity to optimize their creative for these more prominent visual results, for example, by including more imagery and 3D product images, that Google is making it easier to produce.

Google is helping people make sense of the world in new ways

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The concept of search — and optimizing how your business can show up at the right moments — is constantly evolving.

Today, Google is no longer just a simple search bar; it’s becoming a natural extension of how humans find and discover information on just about everything.

As a Google user, I’m personally excited for an enriched experience to virtually explore neighborhoods and get a feel for the vibe through local landmarks, activities, restaurants, and, of course, stores.

Search remains the best way to be found by consumers

One of the things we often hear from search advertisers is just how important Google Search is for reaching new customers.

There is no substitute for a consumer expressing a need for goods or services by searching for it on Google. We all take for granted that Google Search can organize the world’s information to match our needs in a fraction of a second.

Both intent and context can be critical to improving the customer and business value. This can only be driven by Google’s advancements in machine learning.

As we look forward to 2023, Search remains the best way for brands to be found by relevant consumers.

This article first appeared on Think with Google

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