Ukraine Agencies Support Humanitarian Projects and Seek Global Support

As Ukraine continues to face the ongoing war, Who Are You agency and Rocketmen agency, two independent advertising agencies based in Kyiv, Ukraine, are using their creative resources to help Ukrainian humanitarian projects and help the Ukrainian economy. Their strategy is to use their advertising expertise to support new social projects that drive positive change.

Who Are You agency completed several projects, including the ‘Stand With Ukraine’ project, where it created 400 videos to reveal the aggressor’s crimes.

Manifest Stand With Ukraine’ project “What is Ukraine?”

What is Ukraine? from Illia Balaban on Vimeo.

ROCKETMEN agency also launched the ‘Creative Wave’ project, which created a visual identity for Ukraine businesses and assisted in crisis management. All the money from the ‘Creative Wave’ project goes to support children who lost their parents because of the war.

Unfortunately, a year of war has resulted in a significant cash shortage, and the agencies overhead and personnel costs are too high, even with current clients. To keep their dedicated and qualified teams, they are seeking funding.

With support from the global creative community, Who Are You and Rocketman will continue to use their advertising expertise to bring attention to important issues and drive positive change in Ukraine. They are also offering pro bono services in the following areas: brand identity, website creation, creative campaigns, and video production.

By supporting their campaign, you can make a difference in Ukraine and help the agencies continue their mission to support social projects that can drive positive change.

Support Campaign via GoFundMe