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2023 Predictions for Marketers

At year-end, we’ll look back to see how accurate our soothsaying was. We’ll measure our hits and misses and then, as always, make a new set of predictions for 2024.

Representation Matters: The Power of Inclusion in Advertising

Representation Matters: The Power of Inclusion in Advertising

Getty Images collaborated with Citi to develop global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Imagery Toolkits, setting a standard for authentic representation, celebrating identity, and improving our understanding of different cultures, including cultural nuances in Mexico.

A photo of Twitter headquarters

A Bitter Tweet Goodbye

Only time will tell if Musk’s recent interventions have shaken the foundations of the social media marketplace or proven to be little more than a storm in a Tweet cup.

Shopping cart entwined with plants on green background among hangers. Sustainable eco lifestyle.

Ecommerce’s Sustainability Problem Needs to Be Addressed

If marketers truly want to strive towards a more sustainable future, they need to ensure they’re not only providing traffic that is high in value, but are also implementing techniques that truly optimise the user journey.

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