From Luxury to B2B and Everything In Between: How Brands Across All Categories are Using Addressable TV

how brands are using addressable tv

Great marketing is a balancing act. The balance of brand versus performance; precision messaging versus mass market awareness campaigns; and the balance of data-driven insights and real creative instinct. 

We explore this essential topic with a panel of industry experts from a range of backgrounds, from brand marketers to business-to-business specialists, alongside media and creative agencies to gather their perspectives and dive into the place of addressable TV within their media mix. These experts came together during an exclusive roundtable held at Advertising Week New York 2022.

In this roundtable report, we explore topics ranging from how best to use data to the increasing importance of personalized creative, to lessons learned from marketers targeting doctors in their practices and agencies identifying niche audiences most likely to buy a high-end car. The insights are wide and varied but applicable to any marketer aiming to improve their overall media plan.

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