The Unexpected Brands Getting Creative on TikTok

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Marketers have never been busier. There are more platforms, channels and formats screaming for attention, while consumer habits can be hard to keep up with. As a result, creativity often suffers.

It’s understandable. There are only so many hours in the day and everyone is getting to grips with the ever-evolving ecosystem.

There may be no silver bullet for marketers. But there are certainly good places to focus your attention. Research by Nielsen, for example, shows 47% of a brand’s sales lift is driven by the creative. It’s the single biggest factor in determining your campaign’s success.

Quite clearly then, we need to put the emphasis back on creativity. The good news is that it’s the fun part of marketing – the chance to make an impact on society and create things of which we are proud.

It’s also an issue relevant to content creation, especially on TikTok, which is an entertainment platform fueled by creativity. Everyone is there to find something to connect with, and people keep coming back again and again.

We wanted to explore the challenges facing brands today, and understand how smart marketers are overcoming them. So we got together some of the best and brightest minds in the business at Advertising Week Europe to talk through the big issues.

In this paper we’ll examine what was discussed, and explore in-depth stories from a diverse range of brands including WW/ WeightWatchers, Burger King, Skyscanner, Sanofi, DeBeers, EE, Epic Games and Discovery.

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