Upgrading Non-Alcoholic Drinks to First Class

By Jordan Lonsdale, Account Director, Wonderhatch

Background and Objectives

Jukes Cordialities needed a suite of assets to launch its new product – a line of non-alcoholic wine alternatives, Jukes Cordialities No. 1, 2, 6 and 8. The brand needed a suite of both product photography and lifestyle photography to be used across its website, social channels and PR campaigns. With no pre-existing assets, the Wonderhatch team had a clean slate to work from.

Challenges and Solutions

Jukes wanted sophisticated, elegant visuals that would elevate the brand beyond the non-alcoholic beverage category. Product placement would be in high-end restaurants, bars and department stores, such as Fortnum & Mason. The higher price point, in relation to similar products in the no-lo market, meant that imagery needed to reflect the luxuriousness of the product and mirror the fact that the product should be seen in the same class as a high-quality glass of wine.

Given the high-end nature of the product, Wonderhatch decided that the beautifully clean, visual identity of the product and award-winning packaging should play a big part in the imagery, placing the product front and center, with a particular focus on lighting, shadow and symmetry. To emphasize the decadence of the product the team also highlighted the pluming or the product, or in simpler terms, the beautiful pattern the liquid makes as it enters the glass and mixes with the water.

The team chose a clean background foregrounded by a light setup for the product photography, drawing consumers’ attention to the new line of non-alcoholic wine alternatives. By painstakingly aligning product boxes, bottles and glasses, Wonderhatch achieved the desired look of clean shadows in the background, adding drama to the imagery.

For the suite of lifestyle imagery, the team focused on illustrating the enjoyment of the no-lo drinks much like a glass of wine within the home environment. Wonderhatch achieved this by carefully curating the shoot with considered art direction and styling to showing warmth in the images, fronted by relaxed, elegant models. Location was key. The team sourced a clean, contemporary house to reflect the slick and modern nature of the overarching product photography.


The imagery was a resounding success. The brand images have been used across all key communication touchpoints, press coverage being the highlight. Between the initial launch in 2019 and now, our images have been used in an array of publications that have a combined circulation of over 400 million.

When asked about the collaboration Matthew Jukes, Founder & CEO of Jukes Cordialities said, ‘We at Jukes had complete confidence in Wonderhatch to deliver our unique branding message perfectly to our audience.  From the very first conversations to the shoots themselves and afterward, when they delivered the finished assets they listened closely to our requirements and executed their metier with skill and élan.  We consider Wonderhatch to be an integral partner in our Jukes journey.’

Stemming from the success of the initial collaboration, Jukes asked Wonderhatch to refresh the imagery in August 2020 to encompass both a new product and a refreshed packaging design. The creative agency had the opportunity to further refine and perfect the imagery as well as play around with new shots. The team also delivered a brand film that reflects the simple and modern brand identity created as part of the initial imagery in both 2019 and 2020. This film will be displayed in all British Airways First Class Lounges, as well as onboard First Class.