The Participation Economy

Everything You Need To Know About Customer Engagement in 2021

Presented with Braze

Marketing is not just about brands getting their voices and products out there, meaningful interaction with customers is vital, and engagement is most successful when your customers are actively participating. To explore the future of customer engagement and how organizations can use it to achieve business success, customer engagement management platform Braze and creative innovation network Iris Worldwide have partnered with Advertising Week to ask expert brand representatives to share their customer engagement experiences, insights and opinions.

It’s clear that customer engagement is a huge area of focus for brands, with 60% of businesses planning to invest in the customer engagement space in the next 12 months – and it’s a vital aspect of building and maintaining your brand. As Chris Whitson, global head of strategy at Iris Worldwide, explains: “The experience is your new brand truth. So whatever you tell people your brand is about, they will judge your ability to be that based on the experience they have with your brand.” But what are the most effective strategies? How do you measure successful engagement? And what are some of the challenges?

These questions and more are answered in the The Participation Economy report, presented by Braze.


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