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Why AI Needs a Branding Exercise

AI should function as a tool, not a replacement for individual thought, individual workers. Think of how the internet transformed the workplace, phasing out the inherent necessity for fax machines, printers, and more.

Industry Views from the AI Safety Summit

As AI continues to dominate and concerns over safety ramp up, we spoke to four advertising and marketing experts on what’s next for AI – is it hindering or helping innovation and how it can be incorporated into advertising, marketing and business strategies in 2024?

How Thought Leaders Can Stand Out in the Age of AI

Business professionals dedicate years — often decades — of their lives to becoming thought leaders. Why on earth are so many willing to throw away their credibility by allowing generative AI software to write content for them?

AI and Web3 – Dance Partners Towards a Customized Future

For marketers looking to capture the next frontier of creativity and effectiveness, it’s not about choosing to use AI or enter into the metaverse, it’s about dancing with these technologies and imagining new worlds where there’s no boundary on what’s possible.

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