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Introducing #TwitterPrism

Change is happening. A broad spectrum of brands are working diligently to meet the demands of a rapidly-evolving market by connecting with diverse communities of customers and fans.

Third-party Cookie

A Reality Check for the Post-Cookie World

Ultimately, replacing third-party cookies is about the industry working together to help brands connect with people in a responsible and privacy-compliant way.


Lessons from the Unicorns of New York City

At Advertising Week New York, during the panel “Unicorns of New York City,” Pat Kiernan, award-winning anchor at Spectrum News NY1 led a discussion with business leaders from two of the most innovative businesses, built right there in New York, to tell their stories. 


Taking a Holistic Approach to Reaching Fragmented TV Audiences

Those who participate in a balanced collaborative ecosystem will be able to grow addressability across video and TV environments, create new and high-value first-party audiences, and overcome historic silos between linear, digital video, and CTV to measure and value holistically and at pace with modern viewing habits for the first time.


Activate Your Brand Purpose to Inspire Consumer Action

If you want to generate deeper positive consumer sentiment (and committed action) year-round, make a sustained investment to activate your brand strength around shared values with your consumers. You’ll see it delivers meaningful business value, while impacting the lives of your consumers and communities.


A Conversation with Nestlé on the ROI of Inclusivity

The emergence of Hispanics into the American mainstream is the biggest business growth opportunity of our time, and the effectiveness of engaging this group in-culture and in-language has never been more important.  


Advertising Week New York 2021 Trend Report

This report brings key trends from AWNewYork to life, examining why they are so important, and discussing the potential impact they will have on our industry, our clients, and our target audiences.


Data Collaboration is a Competitive Necessity

While some organizations have deep data on their individual customers, few have the breadth to compete effectively without collaboration. Leveraging your best data along with another company’s best data has become a competitive necessity, giving you a breadth and depth of insight you may lack.


Insights on How Major Retailers Prepared for Black Friday

In the week leading up to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, BrandTotal analyzed paid social media ad campaigns for 28 top retailers, including Walmart, Target, Costco, Macy’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, Nike, Nordstrom, and TJ Maxx — here are the findings.


Digital Audience Models Don’t All Look-Alike

Models built on anonymous, cohorted data give retailers the ability to target based on category or brand purchases while respecting individual’s privacy, assuming the seed file is excluded from the audience. High quality models can create addressable segments that predict purchases with better than 90% accuracy.


How Purpose-Driven Organizations Are Redefining Their Roles in Society

What do businesses need to consider when it comes to formulating and executing purpose-driven initiatives, and how can they ensure they remain authentic? Here are a few key qualities and approaches shared by the organizations that are successfully doing so.


How Brands Must Prioritize Sustainability

The data is quite clear that people want brands to align with their values more than ever before, and even companies that have failed to promote sustainability have bounced back when they have made it their main goal.

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