Search is on… TikTok, YouTube, Instagram

Where Google still leads, based on data from Rise at Seven, is on searches for activities nearby, including events and entertainment, ahead of both TikTok and YouTube.

The Future of Data Driven Marketing Decisions

Marketers are constantly seeking new ways to leverage insights to inform their strategies. The ever-evolving data driven marketing landscape is the latest frontier for marketers, presenting challenges and opportunities alike.

Why Buyers Should Use Bid Shading

Bid shading is a feature that enables buyers to leverage historical and predictive data to influence the bid price in a programmatic ad auction.

Advertisers Demand Accountability. When Will Ad Tech Comply?

We can solve the challenges of campaign quality, data breaches and violations of privacy through rigorous processes and certification. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s worth the protection against the risk of a billion-dollar problem that can affect tens of millions of people worldwide. 

Digging Deeper Into Advertising’s Lost Half

To demonstrate the power of optimizing in-campaign, we studied several campaigns that underperformed and estimated the approximate amount of increase in brand lift if the campaign prioritized the best-possible optimization.

Programmatic Remains ABM’s Next Frontier

There is no better time for a change like this to come along at the DSP level. With many B2B companies trying to do more with less right now, anything that adds efficiency and potentially boosts performance is welcome.

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