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Four Fundamental Shifts in Advertising & Media cover page

Four Fundamental Shifts in Advertising and Media

In the wake of the pandemic, brands must navigate complex and sensitive issues, from intensifying political polarization to calls for social justice and a looming economic recession. Meanwhile, whether it’s the deprecation of the cookie or the launch of new platforms, technological change is accelerating.

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The Power of Personalization without Prying

Using a few simple generic attributes like time, location, and genre, it’s possible to deliver dynamic and personalized content that aligns with a listener’s interests and immediate circumstances.

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Creepy by Any Other Name Is Still Creepy

Because creepy is still creepy by any other name, the cookie is not coming back. But adtech companies, advertisers, and publishers do not need to cry over spilled milk.

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Attribution 3.0 – A Claritas Fireside Chat

We are excited to announce the release of Claritas Attribution 3.0, which brings significant improvements to the accuracy and breadth of reporting available from our suite of Optimization solutions.

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