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Unreal in Advertising

Brands can see far beyond the creative horizons of the past, generating boundless worlds and stories. The only restriction will be the limits of our imagination.

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Keeping Up With Walled Garden API Changes Requires Automation

Besides the client-side benefits inherent with constant API parity, your team—no matter what its size—can use its mental and physical bandwidth on business drivers, customer relations, and other high-value, high-satisfaction efforts.

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Customization in Your Pocket – Restaurant Apps Done Right

Restaurant apps coupled with customization, which hopefully your business can learn to curate and find a sweet spot for success, translate into increased customer engagement and ultimately, enhanced sales. What better way to weather the perfect storm?!


Navigating Community Management in the Metaverse

As the Metaverse becomes a more popular place for consumers to gather, issues surrounding the behavior of some and how to enforce standards will become further pronounced, and as much in the mirror-world, tough to predict.

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The Future May Be Robots, and That Might Be What News Media Needs

It’s time to peer beyond the deprecation of cookies and find out what tech’s really going to look like in a few years – and what this means for the free press we know and love. Outbrain’s Masahiro (Max) Ueno, managing director JAPAC, takes a look into the crystal ball.

Metaverse Crypto and NFTs

How to Get Unstuck in the Era of the Metaverse, Crypto and NFTs

The challenge for marketers is to shift out of sharing and showboating ‘what if’ mode and find smart hacks to get real quickly, to determine what’s useful and what’s not for their brand and business – and get the most out of that process.

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What Marketers Need to Know about the Metaverse

Claritas data clearly shows that the metaverse is not just for young gamers – enthusiasts include millions of older professionals, some with median household incomes as high as $232,777.

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